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Megamalai Road Condition is very pathetic. Travels vehicle /Tour operator they may not travel. You will find gutters in every 2 meters of the road. It is always better to travel by an SUV. To rent vehicle contact MEGAMALAI TOURISM @ 94 878 50508, 98 940 55554

Meghamalai & High Wavys:

In Tamil it is known as" Paccha Kumachi" meaning "Green Peaks" High Wavys'is locally referred to as Meghamalai- meaning hills covered with clouds.

The word 'High Wavys', used since the late 1920's invariably has been derived to describe the high undulating range of hills and mountains, steep and precipitous as seen from the plains.

Geographically High Wavys' forms part of the Varushanad Range of hills, a part of the Western Ghats.

Probably the earliest reference of High Wavys'is in the British Imperial Gazetteer Maps which dates back to 1920. The location was very approximate in the said maps, when land was being surveyed for Cinchona plantations by Messrs. E. Blatter and Prof. F.Hallberg. The essence of all the information derived from these maps, in the gazetteer's own words:

"The High Wavys'is the least known part of the hills of Madurai, and is infested with elephants and is the source of the Shurily river overrun with dark impenetrable forest" namely as Madras Tea Estate.

Pioneers to these mountains needed to wade through knee to chest deep water before undertaking a steep 10 mile trek through thick and dense Jungle.